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MC-10 Emulator

Yet another javascript emulator, this time for the legendary *ahem* MC-10 microcomputer by Tandy Corp!

Purely the result of one persons (me) sentimental journey into his childhood days of PEEK'ing and POKE'ing. Source is available on GitHub.

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PS. Need to convert your WAV to C10? Of course you do.

How to do it...

The keyboard is mapped directly to the original MC-10 physical layout so you'll have to reference this. Use the file button to upload .C10 cassette files or select one from the list.

Use Shift+0 to toggle between upper and lowercase characters.

Use Control+0 to cycle the cursor amongst the various colors.

Use Shift+@ to pause a BASIC program. Press any other key to resume.

Use ESC to emulate the BREAK key.

The "Record" button can be pressed before typing CSAVE or CSAVE*. You'll get prompted for a filename once it's all done. It saves as a .c10 file.

"Choose File" will start typing a text file in BASIC. If the file is a .c10 or a .wav file it will instead emulate reading it via cassette. (You will need to previously enter a CLOAD, CLOADM, or CLOAD* command).